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A source of information for the individuals targeted for abuse, harassment and mobbing in the community and workplace.
To help the abused targets journey into the light from the darkness that is narcissistic abuse and mobbing.
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Attempted Hit and Run

Quite possibly an attempted hit and run on Wednesday 4 October 2023. A motor vehicle did a very close pass striking my handlebars which very nearly knocked me off my bicycle. The reasons why I think it was deliberate are given in this post.
Author | 8/10/2023

A quick overview of mobbing

The information in this article is taken from the book How to end mobbing: A proven 10-step process by V. d. M., G. It may not be that proven as the Author has not provided any details of themselves but the mobbing process is succinctly put!
Author | 11/4/2020

Kent Police officer framed ex-girlfriend and got her family arrested

Charlotte Clark-Hughes didn't know what she was getting herself into when she dumped her controlling cop boyfriend Tristian Smith.
The trainee nurse was arrested, as was her stepdad and disabled mum, as a result of his his vengeful attack on the 26-year-old and her family.
Now Charlotte speaks for the first time of her 11-month nightmare at the hands of the evil special constable, reports our sister site The Mirror .
Smith, also 26, hacked into phones and Facebook accounts to bombard himself with threatening messages from them.
Author | 20/1/2020
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