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A source of information for the individuals targeted for abuse, harassment and mobbing in the community and workplace.
To help the abused targets journey into the light from the darkness that is narcissistic abuse and mobbing.
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No Contact

When you go no contact with a narcissist or psychopath you will be mobbed and accidents and damage to your property and vehicles will escalate because no contact is the  most effective way of cutting a psychopath or narcissist out of your life. This escalation proves without doubt that you were absolutely right to go no contact and rather than weaken you it should strengthen your resolve. Remember the narcissist or psychopath needs you otherwise you would not be targeted, you certainly do not need them. Yes, the smear campaign will go into overdrive, the flying monkeys will try harder, the attempted setups will get nastier but the worse it gets the more you should take heart that the no contact is working.

Do not weaken and I would personally do the following:

  • Get off social media there is nothing social about it if you are being stalked and attacked by trolls.
  • Change your mobile and home telephone numbers, only give them out to people you absolutely trust.
  • Change your email address, once again only give the new address to people you absolutely trust.
  • Trust your instincts i.e. your gut feeling. If someone seems off then they are, avoid them or minimise contact with them.
  • Change the locks on your home, do it yourself if you can, do not trust a locksmith to be trustworthy they may be a friend of the narcissist.
  • If possible install CCTV inside and outside your home but be careful of CCTV that be accessed from the internet.
  • Try and protect your car it will be tampered with!
  • Document everything, the police probably won't help and in fact may add to the problem but it will build up a picture of all the coincidences and strange occurrences suddenly happening in your life.
  • If you think things are being moved about or going missing then they are, trust your own instincts don't let others influence them.
    One of the aims of mobbing is to make you doubt yourself, DON'T!
  • Be careful what you tell people everything and anything will be used against you so beware.
  • Watch your pets they are prime targets.
  • Be careful who you assume to be your friend and this includes family members, if they ask a lot of questions about your personal life and what your movements are then be very wary. Who gives out information you or them?
  • Remember most people will do anything for money and enjoy bullying and harassing people especially if they think they will get away with it. Make sure you are not one of these people you have more self esteem and worth than that! Beware of frenemies, these can be particularly damaging.

All the above items are from personal experience (unfortunately).

Narcissists and psychopaths all follow the same procedures which are:

  • Smear campaigns
  • Slander
  • Ridiculous accusations
  • Psychopathic setups
  • Intimidation
  • Harassment
  • Assault
  • Stalking
  • Mobbing or Gang-stalking
  • Stealing from you
  • Stealing and/or opening mail
  • Eavesdropping
  • Damage to your home, property and vehicles

The narcissist or psychopath will often be doing all these things behind your back while pretending to be your friend or even concerned family member, this may make it difficult to work out who the main culprit is. The easiest and most effective thing to do is go no contact with people your instincts tell you to avoid, if things escalate then you have found your abuser!

Frenemies in the context of a psychopath or narcissist

When dealing with a psychopath, narcissist or gang-stalking, frenemies are the people who pretend to be friendly or even your friend but they only do this in order for you to drop your guard; this is so they can obtain titbits of personal information from you to sell on to your main protagonist. These are as nasty or even nastier and spineless as the narcissist or psychopath who is stalking you.  Frenemies are very common in the modern workplace and in community organisations such as neighbourhood watch, they love being part of a mob as they feel it gives them power.

They may be so called friends or colleagues of long standing or family members; this is why being targeted by a psychopath or narcissist can be so hard. You have to be careful of new people entering your life, too many of them are trying to earn favour with the psychopath or narcissist.

Removing these people should be looked at as cleaning out the rubbish from your life i.e. all the toxic people who have no right to be in your life. You are certainly not losing anyone of any value to you as they do not have your best interests at heart!

Toxic people can only drag you down, get rid!

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