Useful Links - Narcissistic Abuse

A source of information for the individuals targeted for abuse, harassment and mobbing in the community and workplace.
To help the abused targets journey into the light from the darkness that is narcissistic abuse and mobbing.
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Useful Links

Workplace bullying and harassment

Citizens Advice on workplace bullying

The Samaritans

Narcissist Problems

Flying Monkeys Denied is a very good C-PTSD and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Website aimed at Narcissistic Abuse targets, whistleblowers, and scapegoat victims.


The Sociopathic Style

For ex-Service personnel some links are provided below.

SSAFA - The Armed Forces Charity
Originally called the Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association.

SSAFA South Yorkshire

The Royal British Legion
The Royal British Legion provides lifelong support for the Armed Forces community - serving men and women, veterans, and their families.
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