Gang-Stalking - Narcissistic Abuse

A source of information for the individuals targeted for abuse, harassment and mobbing in the community and workplace.
To help the abused targets journey into the light from the darkness that is narcissistic abuse and mobbing.
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Introduction to gang-stalking

Gang-stalking is mobbing under another name although it can imply mobbing by a group of more than one target. A lot of so called victims of gang-stalking are actually members of a mob and are spreading misinformation to discredit genuine targets of mobbing while increasing the targets anxiety and mistrust. The cases of mobbing and gang-stalking appear to have increased directly in line with the rise of social media. Gang-stalking is also known as group-stalking, vigilante-stalking and predatory gang-stalking but it is mobbing and involves a group or mob of people bullying other people not in the group or mob.

A lot of people seem to think gang-stalking is orchestrated by their own government which is unlikely unless the individual is a whistleblower. It is more likely organised by extremely toxic individuals, who know the target, who use social media to enrol other people in order to carry out the stalking and mobbing. The authorities either try to ignore it or actively participate in it a good example of which is the Jane Clift case. The countries with the greatest number of reported cases are the USA, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

It should be noted that a lot of people do not realise they are being gang-stalked or mobbed, especially at first; they believe all the peculiar goings on and the increase in other peoples obnoxious behaviour is all down to coincidence or modern life. However, although some of it may be coincidence there will be far too many incidents to call coincidence and it usually becomes obvious to the individual they are being targeted.

Gang-stalking may refer to the harassment of multiple targets and mobbing is the harassment of an individual. The individual is most likely to be mobbed in the workplace although misguided communities can be involved in mobbing with effective manipulation.

Mobbing and gang-stalking is a common tactic used by:

  • Malignant Narcissists (especially if the target goes "NO CONTACT")
  • Psychopaths
  • Peope with Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Criminal gangs and organised crime, particularly drug related crime or people connected to the manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs.
  • Corrupt police officers or people connected to them
  • Large organisations such as councils and governments.

It is used by criminal gangs in order to try and protect their organisation and allow the operation to continue unhindered, it is also a technique often used by large organisations and governments to try and silence whistle-blowers. Illegal drug gangs, large organisations and governments have the resources to carry out a full scale gang-stalking campaign. Narcissists and psychopaths use the technique in order to try and make their targets lives a living hell but may not have all the resources necessary for a long term sustained campaign.
Gang Stalking Techniques

The following techniques are several types that may be used against Targeted Individuals (TIs). There are other techniques used, but these are most of the primary ones.

Psychiatric Reprisal
This was used in Russia to have dissidents listed as mentally ill. This practice is now being used against workers in America and other democratic countries.

Violent Person Registry
Some targets might find that they are being targeted because they have been placed on a Violent Person Registry. This means that they will have a flag that comes up anywhere they go listing them as violent or potentially violent. This can happen to anyone, for simple reasons and without your knowledge. This can go on for years. Please read Jane Clift’s Story.
Air Stalking
This is when helicopters are used to track targets that are on foot, or in cars. They fly over head and follow the targets from one location to the next. Some will monitor the targets shortly after they leave their homes.
As targets walk on the street, usually at night, civilian spies/snitches will turn on their high beams. This might be flashed once or twice at targets.
Sounding vehicle horns
Sounding vehicle horns operated regularly when the target in the vicinity.

Mobile Phone Stalking
Using a targets mobile phone to track and monitor them. The microphone and video cameras on mobile phones can be used to monitor targets. Even when the phone is off, the microphone can be used to listen into conversation. The camera can be used to view activity in the room. Mobile phones can also be used in conjunction with several Internet programs to locate the Targeted Individuals within a few feet.

When the target is in public, civilian spies/snitches will usually try to box the target in. Eg. They will surround the target in a square like formation if possible. They will stand too close to the target, or swarm them.

Directed Conversations
These are conversations that complete strangers will have out in public relating to the target and their personal situations.
Electronic Harassment
Electromagnetic weapons and frequencies will be used on a target on their homes. The purpose of using the EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) on targets and their belonging are multifaceted. Electronic frequencies can destroy electronic equipment.
Electronic frequencies can be used for monitoring and tracking inside the home, and at work. It can also be used for purposes of sleep disturbance. When those conducting these covert investigations feel that they have psychologically destroyed the target to where they are near breakdown, they will start to use these weapons. They will also use these weapons if targets are not going along with their harassment protocol.
Emotional Sapping
This is similar to the concept of an energy or psychic vampire. You know negative people who drain your energy when you are around them, or who are really good at transferring their negativity onto you. As a target you are being exposed to dozens of people on a daily basis, many of them who do not wish you well, or want to hurt you even though they don’t know you.
Without realising it you are also being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually harmed on a daily basis. After time this can get to you and weaken your defences. This is when you might notice that you are more susceptible to this form of energy drain. It’s a very real phenomenon and one to be on the lookout for. Once you are drained of energy this way, you will notice that it’s easier for these people to access your life and cause you harm in other ways. There are emotional shielding techniques that can be used to help try to prevent this. There are also lot’s of books being written about these types of negative energy draining people.
To lure into dangerous, difficult, or a compromising situation. The Civilian Spies/Snitches will try to lure targets into various situations for the sole purpose of setting them up. Setting up targets could involve getting them arrested, institutionalised, set up on fake sexual harassment charges, drug charges, illegal pornographic materials, etc. Once this happens, it put’s targets at risk for entrapment into becoming civilian spies themselves.
Fake Credibility Reports
Fake Credibility Reports. It’s possible that fake credibility reports are being used to subtly discredit and attack legitimate websites. Under the guise of doing good for the community.
What’s interesting about the fake credibility reports are which sites get targeted and which sites do not.
It has been indicated that targets will have files shown to relatives, store keepers and friends. The files are usually not left behind, but they are used to show legitimacy and to further slander targets.

  •  Doing little things to try to make the target think that they are going crazy.
  • Coming into their homes, moving their furniture around.
  • Changing clothing that they bought and replacing it with similar, but inferior items.
  • Taking small items and then replacing them later on.
Spraying fumes or scents into a targets home. Tampering with their food to make them become very ill.
Heat and Vibrations
Sometimes targets experience vibrations and heat in the home. There can be many sources. I have been advised that informants use many objects. Radar guns, lasers, etc. However, one of the most likely causes of the vibrations in the home might be transducers.
Illegal Entry
  •  To gaslight the target.
  • It’s used to help profile the target.
  • To set up illegal surveillance.
  • It’s a way to find out intimate details about the targets. This can be used later to set up the target by using people in photo albums, or by directed conversations about things in the target’s apartment.
  • Illegal Surveillance
    This involves setting up audio and some visual surveillance of the target.
  • Bugging the targets phone.
  • Surveillance in the target’s residence
  • Listening to cell phone and hard-line conversations.
  • Hacking into their computers and learning all about what the target is doing, sites they frequent.
  • This also helps to build a profile of the target, and it’s also used for later psychological attacks against the target.
Intimate Infiltration
This is where civilian spies/snitches will go out of their way to get into a targets life. They will try to form friendships with targets. They will try to form intimate relationships with targets.
They will get close to people that are affiliated with targets such as spouses, relatives and friends.

For this harassment to be successful, it’s important to be able to isolate the target from friends, family members, co-workers and even spouses. To accomplish this isolation many methods are used included, but not limited to: slander, lies, fake files, sabotage, anything that will get the target into a situation where they have no support system. This is important for them to succeed.

Laser Microphones
Laser microphones are microphones with a laser beam. They detect vibrations with a laser and convert it to a digital signal. Lasers are usually bounced off a window, or off any object near to the conversation monitored. Any object which can resonate/vibrate (for example, a picture on a wall) will do so in response to the pressure waves created by noises present in a room.

Mail and Email tampering
Civilian spies/snitches will steal your mail. They will delay the delivery of your mail, and they will also make sure that your mail does not arrive. The other thing they are known for is the tampering of email. They will delay email, delete email, and stop email that you have sent from arriving

This is trying to copy things in a target’s life.
  •  Leaving when they do.
  • Dressing like they dress.
  • Throwing out the garbage
  • Going to the bathroom
  • Doing whatever the target is doing.
This is all designed to be psychological warfare, so that the target again feels like they are under observation at all times.
Noise Disturbance
This will include anything from doors slamming above you and below you. Garbage disposal doors, car doors, loud stereos, stomping, moaning at specific times, loud coughing, pots slamming, water running, cupboard doors being slammed, fridge motor running all night, power tools, etc.
Targets will be observed and profiled long before they ever become aware that they are targeted for this sort of harassment. Profiles will be created on targets by:
  • Following them.
  • Following people close to them.
  • Breaking into their homes and going through their stuff.
  • Listening to their calls.
  • Hacking into their computers.
  • Gathering information from friends, and family.
  • Seeing where they like to shop and eat.
  • What are their weaknesses?
  • What things do they like and dislike?
  • What are their weaknesses?
  • What things do they like and dislike?
  • What can you bribe them with?
  • What can you blackmail them with?
  • How can you bully them?
  • How can they best be controlled?
This will all be used to put together a profile of the target and then to get them into situations for their detriment.
Random Encounters
This will be people on the street who you randomly and unexpectedly run into. It looks completely natural and it seems to be a random encounter.
They might ask for your phone number after engaging you in conversation. Ask you out, or just ask you where you are going. Anything from small talk to lengthier conversations.
All with the purpose of finding out something about you, or even just getting you to do something.

Ruined Relationships
When targets are in a relationship, the civilian spies/snitches will try to ruin that relationship. This could be friendships, family or significant others.
If it’s a romantic relationship, they will find out what your significant other likes and try to get them to cheat, or leave you.
If it’s a friendship they will tell lies to come between you. The same goes for family. This is done so that targets will have no means of support, once they do realise that something is going wrong in their lives.

This is getting targets sensitive to an everyday stimuli such as colours, patterns or everyday actions.
Some examples are:
  • The colour red
  • Stripes
  • Pens
  • Whistles
  • Loud coughing
  • Clapping
  • Waves from strangers
  • Keys jingling
These are used around the home or the apartment of a target to let others know the location or room that the target is in. These can also be used on auto pilot. Such as when a target trips a sensor it can turn on a silent alarm or even the sound of running water. This effect can be used when targets are in the bathroom to let them think that their movements are being watched and observed.

civilian spies/snitches will also communicate with each other on the street by using Statsi like signals.
They will go behind the targets back and tell lies about them. Often the lies will consist of the target being into something illegal, or is someone dangerous, or just needs to be watched for some vague reason.
They will say the target is a:
  • Prostitute
  • Drug dealer
  • Crazy
  • Terrorist
  • Gay
  • Racist
  • Paedophile
  • Alchoholic
  • Drug addict
  • All of the above!
Sleep Deprivation
Depriving the target of sleep is a really good way of leaving the target stressed out. It’s also a way of leaving them disoriented and functioning at less than 100%. Then the targets can be baited into reacting in public or getting into a car accident.
Strange Encounters or Street Theatre
This is running into people that are acting very unusual, or people that are putting on a show or production, known as street theatre.
Telephone Redirects
When you make a telephone call, get the name and ID of the person that you are speaking to. Covert Investigations have redirected phone calls. This means that when you dial a number they will intercept that phone call and pretend to be the service or repair person you were trying to call.
Breaking into a targets home and taking small items, usually nothing of value. However there are exceptions to every rule. Perps will usually try to see what they can get away with.

The targets are tracked by various methods.
  • Targets are tracked on foot by foot soldiers.
  • They are tracked in their cars.
  • Targets can be tracked by using their mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. If their mobile phone number is known, there are Internet programs that will track a target to within a few feet.
  • GPS tracking on their cars. These are all ways that targets are tracked wherever they go and their activities monitored.

If the target owns property this can be as simple as broken door handles, knobs, to actual slashing of tires. They will also break in and do small damage to items the target owns

Also known as V2K. If you are hearing voices you might not be crazy. You can be in the room with someone else and be hearing voices and they will hear nothing.
There is a commercial version which can perform this task.
Wrong Number Calls
Targets will daily get wrong number calls. These can be automated or they can be persons pretending to be wrong number calls. Civilian spies will use this as a means to monitor and psychologically harass targets. They want to know where the target is at all times.

I personally experience or have experienced the following techniques listed below, although it has been over a very long period of time but some items on the list still happen several times a day or week.

  • Possibly placed on a Violent Person Registry. A clue being the poor attitude of the police since the abuse started.
  • Sounding vehicle horns in certain areas and on certain roads.
  • Mobile Phone Stalking, tracking using the mobile phone number.
  • Crowding/Mobbing.
  • Directed Conversations.
  • Electronic Harassment, the jamming of home WiFi and mobile phones.
  • Gaslighting.
  • Illegal Entry of the home and car.
  • Intimate Infiltration.
  • Isolation.
  • Mail Tampering.
  • Mimicking especially by neighbours.
  • Noise Disturbance around the home.
  • Profiling by neighbours and family members.
  • Random Encounters.
  • Ruined Relationships.
  • Sensitization.
  • Slander.
  • Street Theatre.
  • Telephone Redirects.
  • Tracking by neighbours and coworkers.
  • Vandalism against car and home.

If you feel you have been the victim of gang stalking please see it for what it is, an assassination attempt in stages. People may try to imply you are mentally unstable but then again who is doing the stalking! Being stalked does not make you a victim it just means you have been targeted by stalkers and you should regard it as just that.

The people who partake in these games become fairly obvious they are made up of:

  • Friends, unfortunately a lot of people will pretend to be your friend in order to spy for your main abuser, over time you will realise who these people are. Be wary of new people in your life.
  • Family members.
  • Work colleagues.
  • Managers and supervisors at work.
  • People who are in positions of trust and authority but abuse their positions.

Avoid any people who are unsupportive or you have bad feelings about as much as possible as they are likely to mean you harm, listen to your gut feeling about people. You may find it hard to do this especially at first and you will probably feel isolated but mixing with people who only mean to harm you is not going to help you either. You will be amazed by how many people appear to have it in for you! Do not take this personally, they are abusing you for some kind of personal gain, because of fear, or a multitude of other reasons.

Remember,  the aim of the game is to kill you in the most horrible way possible, gang stalkers operate in the same way as rapists and other perverts it is just a power trip for them; they get their kicks by trying to control you, ruin your life and then try and get you to end your own life. If you are a people pleaser or worry about what people think or suffer from anxiety you are particularly at risk from these people, you must grow a hardened shell to keep these people out although it should be noted that anybody can be targeted.
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