Mobbing Examples - Narcissistic Abuse

A source of information for the individuals targeted for abuse, harassment and mobbing in the community and workplace.
To help the abused targets journey into the light from the darkness that is narcissistic abuse and mobbing.
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Mobbing Examples

May the following targeted individuals rest in peace.

It can only be hoped that the authorities will start to understand how insidious and traumatic this kind of abuse and bullying actually is and will learn not to help the abusers with their smear campaigns which perpetuates the abuse.

Bijan Ebrahimi murder case

An example of mobbing and gossip getting out of control is the Bijan Ebrahimi murder case.

A short description of the case is provided below, taken from the Guardian newspaper.

Police officers jailed over Bijan Ebrahimi murder case:

A disabled refugee killed by a neighbour in Bristol had repeatedly warned that his life was in danger. Bijan Ebrahimi was killed by his neighbour in Bristol who mistakenly believed him to be a paedophile.

A police constable and a community support officer who failed in their duty to protect a disabled refugee before he was murdered by a misguided vigilante have been sent to prison. PC Kevin Duffy was sentenced to 10 months in jail and PCSO Andrew Passmore was jailed for four months. The pair were convicted of misconduct in a public office after a jury decided they had made criminally serious errors over the case of Bijan Ebrahimi. The 44-year-old was punched and kicked to death outside his Bristol home and his body set on fire by neighbour Lee James, who wrongly suspected he was a paedophile.

Police had gone to Ebrahimi’s home three days before he was murdered after he told them James had burst in and threatened him, but they arrested Ebrahimi rather than James. He spent the night in a police station and after being taken home made a string of calls to police, claiming his life was at risk from vigilantes. His pleas for protection went unheeded.

Andrew Passmore and Kevin Duffy have been dismissed from Avon and Somerset police. The jury in the trial heard that Duffy, 52, a beat manager who had had many contacts with Ebrahimi going back more than six years, believed he was a time-waster and serial complainer and let his antipathy towards him affect how he dealt with the case. James is serving life for murder.

In the hours before he died, Ebrahimi rang to ask for help and said: “My life is in danger.” Duffy refused to go to see him. He told an operator: “I’ve no intentions of taking any calls from Bijan Ebrahimi … I will speak to him at my convenience.”

Harassed then beaten to death, Bijan Ebrahimi's calls for help were in vain.

In all, 18 police staff and officers, including sergeants and inspectors, face disciplinary proceedings over how Ebrahimi was dealt with in the days, months and years before he was murdered. Ebrahimi’s family have accused Avon and Somerset police of “institutional racism”.

Rest in peace Bijan Ebrahimi another unfortunate victim of out of control mobbing and institutional indifference if nothing else! This is what happens when people work themselves into a frenzy over misinformation and lies.
Coroner slams woman detective 'acting as judge and jury' over death of grandfather

The following article from the Daily Mail shows the typical cycle of psychopathic abuse which most of these abusers use and how the authorities tend to side with the victims abusers.

Coroner slams woman detective 'acting as judge and jury' over death of grandfather, 56, who was 'hounded to his suicide' and told by police to 'man up' after being accused of historic sex abuse.

  • Alan Bailey was 'hounded' to death after being accused of rape, inquest hears.
  • Woman alleged father-of-two and former steelworker had abused her aged 15.
  • He faced intimidation by woman's partner that left him 'paranoid', court told.
  • Police officer allegedly told him to 'Man up' and didn't investigate harassment.

By Mark Duell for MailOnline
PUBLISHED: 10:39, 22 January 2018 | UPDATED: 19:02, 22 January 2018

The case shows the typical run of events for this kind of abuse, after all most psychopaths follow the same script.

  • An attempt is made to provoke the target into a physical confrontation, if it works the abuser will claim it was an unprovoked attack and usually the police will back this up.
  • If this fails then a smear campaign is started which includes turning the target's family, friends, neighbours and colleagues against the target.
  • The target may then have false accusations made against them.
  • The target is then stalked, harassed and abused by just about everybody, just because the psychopath has asked them to participate in the abuse.
  • If the target still has faith in the police by this stage the target may turn to the police for help. This is usually a big mistake as the stalking, abuse and harassment will probably escalate, quite often the police will assist the abuser and this leaves the target believing they have no one to turn to for help.
  • If the target does not learn to go no contact with their abusers and all their little helpers they can get into an unstable state which may lead to thoughts of suicide.

The police and authorities will probably never learn from their failures as demonstrated by all the cases of victims of abuse being let down by the authorities.

It is up to the victims or targets of abuse to educate themselves and only deal with people who actually understand what is going on. Remember occupations with high percentages of psychopaths are lawyers, doctors, police and members of the armed forces; basically occupations which are often positions of power.

The real lessons to be learned from this by people targeted for psychopathic abuse are:

  • Do not allow yourself to be provoked into doing things you may regret, you are better than that.
  • When the smear campaign  starts, ignore it the people who go along with it are not worth bothering with anyway and yes this does include family members.
  • Ignore the stalking, it is carried out by losers trying to intimidate and unsettle you, a lot of these people are drug addicts and perverts who are easily blackmailed into stalking you. Let them carry on ruining their own lives, get on with yours!
  • It is usually unwise to approach the police, they will tend to side with your abusers and the abuse is likely to escalate. It is better to approach stalking helplines and psychopathic abuse helplines and forums.
  • Never, ever, ever contemplate suicide! You are just playing the psychopaths game you are everything your abusers can never be, which is a caring, sharing and loving human being.
You Do Not Need To Be On Social Media To Be A Victim Of Cyberbullying.

Grace McComas and her mother Christine. Grace died by suicide after an uninvestigated sexual assault followed by months of cyber abuse

Grace K. McComas 1996-2012

She didn’t even have a Twitter handle; she didn’t need to. But the young man…he had hundreds of friends. Each time he posted something from his Twitter handle, people could share it or save it, eventually making its way to Grace’s friends and Grace herself. Entire peer groups become involved. ” Christine McComas, Mother of Grace McComas and voice behind Grace’s Law.

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A New Playground For Bullies

Cyberbullying, more aptly termed "digital abuse," is today's newest weapon for bullying, hosted on social media platforms across the globe. Traditional bullying has evolved, and where a child could escape to the sanctuary of home, it now follows them there and into their private lives. Hatred, abuse and reputation–ruining rumor is instantaneously broadcast to entire peer groups and it never goes away. It can be dangerously damaging.

The emergence of social media and new technology allows for someone to send and receive threatening or harassing text messages, comments, chats, embarrassing pictures, etc. The damage has contributed to several deaths by suicide, but the law hasn’t caught up yet.

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